Mother Earth, we love her.

We want to keep her clean and beautiful for all the animals on land, in the sea and for the future Rum drinkers.  Our facility is located in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic. We have a beautiful environmentally conscious farm and factory.

In the not too distant past, companies would dump their waste in the ocean or store it in caves or dumping grounds. This led to unforeseen environmental impacts that are still being addressed today.

The bi-products from stripping the rum are extracted and stored for resale. The leftover stripped cane is sent to the incinerators that help power the operation. The ash and biomass is then blended with the waste water and used to fertilize the sugar cane fields around the distillery. CO2 is captured and bottled for sale to beverage companies. The alcohol produced is then used in the production of Bacoo Rum. The Bacoo Rum facility is one of the greenest, self-sufficient, large scale operations in the world.

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